For in-depth holistic medical and developmental evaluations, Dr. Cowan sees patients at his offices located at:

491 Lexington Ave, Mt Kisco, NY.  and 26 E 36th St, New York, NY 10016

Tel: 914-882-9335     Fax: 914-864-1967

       These evaluations explore the child within the context of his or her life. Environmental stressors play an important role in growth and developmental functioning, mediating chronic and recurrent physical and mental health conditions.  Treating the root and not just the symptoms is a fundamental principle of my approach. 

        The first appointment is scheduled for one to two hours to allow time for an indepth discussion of your concerns and collect information about your child’s physical and emotional history.  I prefer to do this without  the child present in order to give parents the oppotunity to speak freely without impacting on the child's feelings. Ideally, meeting with BOTH parents at this first visit provides a broader perspective and allows deeper discussion of treatment options. 

       At the second appointment I will meet with your child to assess physical and developmental functioning.  Appointments for pediatric acupuncture and meditation are generally scheduled for half hour sessions.

I do not accept insurance but will give you a receipt with diagnostic and procedure codes that you can submit to your insurance company. Please bring copies of any relevant evaluations, lab tests and vaccine records with you at the initial visit.

Intake Forms:

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