"Let food be thy medicine"



    As a pediatrician, much of my time with parents is spent discussing food because eating is directly linked to the health of our neurologic and immune systems. Our digestive system is a big part of our information processing system. Food is information about the world in the form of colors, tastes and textures, as well as nutrients that we break down and incorporate into our body. Because children are in an extremely active state of growth and development, it should be no surprise that the over-processed, overstimulating fast foods we eat in our fast-paced world are contributing to many of the chronic health problems such as autoimmune disorders, allergies, autism, and ADHD that we see at high rates today. 


What, Where, When, How and Why We Eat

    The good news is that we can recover from many of these problems by making simple changes in our diet.  But it’s important to remember that it’s not just what we eat, but how much we eat, where we eat and when we eat that define the whole picture of healthy eating.  In my practice, I base my approach on my experience with Chinese medicine in order to map out specific ways to create a more balanced approach to nutrition that will support a child’s individual adaptive style

    The ancient Chinese recognized that each food has its own thermo-energetic properties that can be used to treat health problems.  In treating children, the Chinese medicine classics emphasize that diet should always be considered the first line of therapeutics before prescribing medications.


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